Saturday, March 20, 2010

So you think I can dance?

Well, I did at least try…and that’s what counts, right?

Last night was the first night of my Beginner Adult Ballet/Modern dance class at the YMCA. This is the class I mentioned being excited about, but has to switch sessions because I was sick and was going to be out of town and didn't want to miss two classes of the last session.

So it was me, woman who minored in dance, and the instructor.

There was a kid’s movie event in the next room so we had an audience through the windows…and yes one kid stood with his face against the glass staring at us almost the entire time.

Things started out well. Warm up stretches seated on the floor. Pass.

Then she brought out the bar. Plies, position 1, 2 and 3…foot ON the bar. Total PASS!

Next…jumps. This is where the beginner part ended and I felt like WTH? Total modification time. Just bounce instead of full jump…and it was still a FAIL.

Ballet over time for Modern…Skip jumps! Diagonal across the entire studio. So we’re jumping and running. OMG

So I reach back into my kindergarten days and remind myself how to skip. And I give it the old college try. My 4 jumps would barely get me ½ across the studio while they made it all the way across. But surprisingly I wasn’t any more short of breath than they were.

Ok now skip jump forward, and kick slide backs. Near collision. FAIL

And finally choreography time. Because this is session II of Spring, they have already been working on this during session I and for Fall the YMCA rented a theater and all the classes performed.

Uh, I don’t think so.

While class is wrapping up, I see my normal Friday night water aerobics crew head to the outdoor pool and I thought “why the hell am I in here when I’d rather be out there?” And I could have taken my bathing suit and joined the other class late, but for the first night I wanted to just see how things went.

As I’m walking out I notice the “sponsor” of studio.

Not sure if I will return. Not their fault. Just doesn’t seem to be the right fit.

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