Sunday, March 14, 2010

I'm not just overweight, I'm under tall.

Yesterday, I set out to find an inexpensive bed frame at IKEA. As I examined the bed in the store I noticed there was a foundation of some time under the matress, not just wooden slats. Since my box spring is still in good shape and the bed slats I was going to buy cost $120, I wanted to find out if I could possibly just use what I already had. I asked a salesman and he said that I could use the box spring I had, no need to purchase slats.

GREAT! That allowed room in the budget for the Expedit bookcase, drawers, and doors I wanted!

So after the adventure of finding our merchandise in the warehouse, loading it into the car (some of it had to be taken out of the box in order to fit), getting it all inside the house, taking down the old bed, manuvering the clutter in my room to work, and putting the metal frame together. My friend puts down box spring then puts the mattress on top.

I burst into laughter. The bed was sooo high! I'm only 5'3".

The matress is pillow top on both sides. I can get one cheek up on it, then wiggle the rest of me up. It feels VERY sturdy. Despite the price, this is heavy metal, and a solid steel midbeam. I feel much better on a box spring which I know can hold up to my weight and motion.

So Big Girl is happy with the bed, Short Girl is getting used to it.

Off topic: I have to give big thanks to my friend who helped me get my bed. The loading, unloading, putting together. I have to say growing up that process would have been filled with yelling and cussing. I remember the first time my old roommate's family came to put her day bed together, I was amazed at how quiet they were. They were even missing pieces and still no one got upset. this how normal people do things? So yesterday instead of cussing and yelling, it was laughter. I think the only time I cursed was saying "oh damn" when I saw how high the bed was.


  1. My roommate is 5'2" and also has a high bed, she usually tries to jump into it. You can always try a stepstool or ottoman to help get up...