Monday, March 29, 2010

It's all relative.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others, and yet we all know that no two people are the same. I had to remind myself of that while talking to my mom after her recent doctor visit. She was telling me that her various levels are good and that she lost a few pounds since her last visit…then she told me her weight.

Excuse me? What was that?

She repeated it.

OMG, I weigh 80lbs MORE than my mother. My mother who wears 2-3 sizes larger than I wear? The mother who was JUST complaining about a store having neither electric carts or shopping carts so she wasn’t able to shop that long because she needs to either site and ride or push and lean. Now this is the SAME mother who works 12 hours shifts as a nurse, so I’m in no way saying she is lazy. By all means she does what she needs to do no matter how difficult it is for her to physically do it…I am thankful for that trait.

My mother and I are about the same height, I might be an inch taller than her, and of course she is double my age so the years have taken their toll.

But 80lbs?

Where am I hiding it? Oh that’s right in my legs…while my mother does have signs of lymphedema; it’s nowhere near the extent to which I suffer. But still, this makes no sense to me…and it’s not so much the numbers. Nor, is it just my mother. I have read of other people who weigh even 100lbs or more less than me and wear larger sizes. I don’t wear my clothes tight. It just doesn’t make sense, but is an example of why we can’t compare ourselves to others.

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  1. I have a good friend who just lost 100 pounds from gastric bypass, still weighs 100 pounds MORE than I do and wears the SAME SIZE tops. Everyone is different.