Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bringing Sexy-- Baby Got-- Back

I was hit on today. For real.

The story begins for my desire for a cute green dress from Old Navy. This week it’s on sale, and despite their plus size clothing being sold exclusively online (nice how they make that sound special, when it’s really not) the in store misses sizes go up to XXL and I can often fit into certain styles. I decided I wanted to save the $7 shipping fee and go to the store instead of ordering online…2 dresses, 2 shirts, 1 skirt, and 1 necklace later, I think the $7 shipping fee would have been the better deal.

However, it was nice to try things on. When I put on the green dress, it hugged my baby got back just right and I thought “oh that’s going to turn some heads”.

While I’m at the counter the young woman ringing my items commented on my “pretty blue eyes”, I explained I have blue eyes and blue contacts, thank you, yes that blue necklace will look nice on me.

So as I’m leaving this guy holds the door open for me. As we walk into the parking lot he comments on my “pretty blue eyes”. I laugh since I JUST had this conversation…and I wasn’t even wearing blue or a color that typically draws more attention to my eye color.
As a matter of fact, I was in black yoga pants, a gray t-shirt, flip-flops and a pony tail. I had been to the doctor, Starbucks, and was just running errands. No reason to get beautified.

So after my blue eyes with blue contacts because I used to lose my contacts in high school, blah blah blah explanation he asked me if perhaps his eyes would look as blue. I told him it depends, but he should ask his eye doctor for a free sample pair. Then he commented on the weather, somehow I made mention of being from Ohio. He said he was in from New Jersey. Then he said “Can I tell you something, I hope you won’t be offended”. I smile, “go ahead I have very thick skin”. –literally

“There is just something so attractive about a plus size woman who exudes confidence,” he said.
All I could do was smile and say, “I know. If I could bottle it I would.”

He went on to say the internet has brought more awareness to the BBW culture. He asked me if I was on any BBW sites or chats. I politely said I was aware of a few. For my non-fatty friends BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women.

He went on about how great it was that more women are confident with themselves. And he actually pointed out guys who drove or walked by and checked me out. Although I'm not so vain that I think everyone who looks at me is checking me out, some people just look and stare because of my arms.

“See there’s another one, I told you. Go to right up here to the mall and walk by some guy with a skinny hungry girlfriend, he’ll still take a glance at you.”

Yes, I realize this seems a bit creepy…and when the guy mentioned that there are even BBW who frequent the local clothing optional beach I was wondering where the heck he was going with all this. But in the end he was just nice and bestowing a very nice compliment. We probably stood and spoke in the parking lot for five minutes, as I headed to my car he said “well, see you around, you never know maybe next time I’m in town we can have drinks.”

We didn’t exchange names or phone numbers, so that is not likely going to happen.


  1. This guy is obviously an FA (fat admirer), like myself, and he apparently is also a gentleman who didn't get too pushy. I like a guy who is out of the closet and knows how to compliment a BBW without creeping her out. There's a fine art to that, and it helps a lot if the BBW is like you, able to accept a compliment. So many are not, and they deflect any nice comment about themselves, their self-esteem is so low.

    I saw your story because of Google alerts on the BBW word. Most such hits aren't worth reading.

    Bill Fabrey
    Mt Marion, NY
    Council on Size & Weight Discrimination

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