Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Search of Big Girl Panties

I guess I'm starting an "In Search Of" series. I found my Big Girl Bed....now on to underwear!

I know my mama told me to watch what I say on the internet, and perhaps talking about my underwear is over the TMI line, but I’m very upset about this and I know I am not the only one having this issue.

It seems like in the past couple years the quality of panties sold at Plus Size retailers like Lane Bryant and Avenue has greatly decreased. They might as well be selling disposable panties since some pairs have lasted only a couple wears.

I have several pairs of panties from Lane Bryant that I purchased in 2007. They are still in decent shape, just normal wear and stretch of the elastics. However, I noticed when they switched from “Buy 3 get 2 Free” to “5 for $25” they also changed manufacturers and the quality was very poor. At first I passed it off as just the new change, and at that time I did e-mail Lane Bryant and expressed my disappointment. I figured by this time, nearly 18 months since the change, things would be different.

But the quality still sucks.

I need new panties because I’ve gained weight. I bought a bigger size at Lane Bryant in January and as you can see in the picture, the leg band completely detached from the material!

When I went home in January I noticed a pair of LB panties I had bought my mom had the entire backside of the waistband detached from the fabric. I asked if those were an old pair or a pair I had just bought her in November. She replied they were a new pair and that the detachment occurred the second time she wore them. I brought them home with me and they are in my “bitch” pile. The pile now has 4 pair, this is after I tossed several pair. While I find it a bit embarrassing to take panties back to the store, I guess if I’m open enough to write about it on the internet I should be able to go talk to the store manager.

But it’s not just Lane Bryant.

I was talking to a friend and she mentioned she had gone shopping at Avenue and then she expressed her disappointment in the panties she recently purchased. She said the material is very thin and after few wears and washing they fall apart. I shared with her my experience with Lane Bryant.

It’s very disappointing that these stores cater to the Plus Size customer yet can’t seem to provide a product that can hold up to the plus size booty. And you all know we pay a lot more for our clothing, so this is wrong on so many levels. In additon, Charming Shoppes which owns Lane Bryant also owns the other Plus Size stores Fashion Bug and Catherines, and I'm sure the poor quality can be found in those stores.

So where is a big girl to get some decent panties?

Again, I've gained weight and need new panties. So as much as I didn’t want to do it, I bought a 5 pack of Just My Size panties at Wal-mart. I must admit JMS never let my 500lbs ass down. I strayed to Lane Bryant because I loved the cute colors and being able to match my bras with my panties. And at 500lbs I couldn’t fit into the largest size at Lane Bryant. But I can’t be tossing what is now “5 for $29” down the drain on panties that fall apart. A JMS 5-pack was $9.99 and they now do have a variety of colors and styles.

So who else has noticed the poor quality from Lane Bryant and Avenue? What are you wearing?

Click here to send a complaint to Lane Braynt.

Click here to send a complaint to Avenue.


  1. The cotton JMS is good, but the nylon doesn't last as long, they start detaching at the band really quick...grr!

  2. I have had the same problem with Lane Bryant panties!

  3. It seems to be hit or miss with Lane Bryant. I have a number of pairs that I bought at the same time and have worn about the same number of times and 2 of them are detaching and the other 3 are fine. I was guessing that the stiching was just closer to the edge on the ones that started to pull apart, but hearing from others, it sounds like it isn't just me.

  4. I thought it was just me!! My cotton LB panties fall apart really fast. I have started wearing the boy cut ones, and they seem to be better.

  5. I love the stretchy JMS panties I actually just went to WM today to get some for my wife & the stretchy ones are nowhere to be found �� but the JMS does last a while even when I "accidently" buy a size to small (so they'll stretch thinner) to rub my face all over the really soft material & sniff her butt through the panties