Friday, January 29, 2010

It's not the FAT, it's YOU.

It amazes me that people get so upset when their doctors tell them "it's just your weight" instead of actually diagnosing the problem, yet, they don't seem to think past blaming all their issues in life on their weight.

They seem to think they must lose weight in order to get a better job, find a boyfriend, enjoy a vacation, be a good mother, etc. Hello, stop and think a minute. I know many skinny or normal sized people who hate their jobs, are single, don't go on vacation, and suck as parents. It's the not the FAT people, it's YOU.

All I need to remind myself of this is a shopping trip with my best friend. Finding clothes that fit and look nice is always an issue for us big girls out there, but my best friend is so lucky to be a normal size and can shop in regular stores and wear whatever she likes....right?


On a recent trip to find jeans she tried on nearly 10 different styles...and did successfully find 1 pair that "fit". How could this be? She's not fat...why can't she find jeans that fit. Ah because it's not the size that matters, it's not the jeans, it's YOU not wanting to take the time to find that right style that fits and flatters your body. It's easier to just give up and settle for ill fitting jeans or just wear stretch pants...and blame being too fat for not finding good jeans.

I'll be revisiting this topic...the reason it popped in my mind today is because I saw my PCP this morning about recent weight gain. My doctor is an angel, I knew I could actually talk with her about my concerns and wouldn't just be told to eat less and exercise more. Of course, part of the conversation was that I have been excercising more and my eating habits have not drastically changed from a time when I was maintaining my weight. It's frustrating. But my concern isn't neccesarily getting fatter, it's that there is something wrong. So despite my hesitation to dive back into the medical tests and surgeon appointments, that is what is needed.

I'm reminded of when my weight first concerned me and my hometown doctor told me yep, you're fat that's all your problem is...despite my legs looking like this...ah yeah that's fluid but it's there because of you weight. Guess what is was there because of lymphedema which needed treated...despite my weight...sure losing weight will help the treatment but losing weight was not the simple answer.

Just my weight? Not so much.

So stop blaming your weight for all your problems in life and also don't think being skinny will resolve all your issues. You'll just be smaller with the same issues.

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