Monday, February 1, 2010

Me on Oprah

While I was home last weekend someone asked me about being on Oprah. Honestly, I was surprised because it was so long ago and I wasn't technically "on" Oprah, a video segment of me was shown on Oprah. I never went to Chicago or met Oprah. I had e-mailed the show in response to seeing Stacey Halprin. The first time I saw her on the show was during my senior year in college. I'm quite certain I was skipping class to watch TV in my dorm room and I saw Stacey speaking of how her weight embarassed her and kept her from doing things in life and I actually started to write Oprah a letter that day saying the biggest problem I have with my weight is that it wasn't a problem. It didn't bother me enough to want to change it, while I didn't let my weight keep me from doing things in life it soon caught up with me. After I saw the follow-up segment on Stacey's weight lose surgery I wrote an e-mail to show to tell how Stacey had long been an inspiration to me. To my surprise the show called me months later when they were planning another follow-up show with Stacey.

One of the first segments I saw.

This is the segment to which I replied.

This was my segment, I have the video on VHS maybe I should look into getting it digital.

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