Monday, February 8, 2010

Fatty Fatty 2x4


If a serving of cereal is 150 cals for 3/4 cup then a kid who eats 2 servings will be eating...

=300 calories

1 cup = 200 cals
2 cups = 400 cals

And I did all that math in my head...yes, my shoes are off but its Florida and I wear flip-flops a lot...I promise I didn't need a calculator or my appendages to figure out that math.

So explain why the FDA thinks regulating serving sizes is going to change the way people eat. It's simple math people. So what now we're going to have a generation of obese and stupid kids???

One Bowl = 2 Servings F.D.A May Fix That

The information is there, on the box...and actually some smaller potato chip bags give per serving and entire bag nutritional facts. I'll admit that has NEVER stopped me from eating the entire bag. I mean if I'm to the point of grabbing a snack size bag of Funyuns I'm obviously stressed and usually thankful that the entire bag is less than 400 calories.

I for one can and do eat a serving of cereal; I actually eat less than a serving of some cereal. I have cute little cereal bowls and I put a lot of strawberries on top. I actually feel like it's a huge Saturday morning bowl of cereal because of how the milk makes the berries almost over flow the edge. Total cereal: 1/2 cup

I will admit I don't like reading a label and it stating a serving in oz and not a number. For instance don't tell me a serving of cheese is 1 oz., give me 1/4 cup or how many cubes. And most packages I find that information in the nutritional fact area.

This whole idea reminds me of the idea to make Tylenol by prescription because people are taking too much. Or the FDA wants to reduce the milligrams of the over-the-counter version. Hello, people are just going to take more, lowering the dose isn't going to help the fact people like to pop pills for any reason and if they don't get relief in five minutes they will pop more.

People who are too lazy to read nutritional labels now and figure out the damage of eating a triple serving aren't going to read the new label that does the math for them.

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  1. You're so right in most cases - the one area I think the FDA was right in making companies change serving sizes on labels was on soft drinks - when you buy an Arizona Iced Tea or other drink out of the cooler at 7-11, you're not thinking that "This is really three servings." In those cases, I think the manufacturers were practicing deceptive marketing to conceal from customers how many calories were in what looks to be a single serving package!