Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bathing Beauty

I'm sitting here in my bathing suit.


Because I'm about to head to an aqua aerobics class. Yes, that's right I'm wearing a bathing suit AND going out in public. It's a nightmare scenario for many. Even the non-obese have this fear of bathing suits. I live in Miami, there are beautiful people everywhere...real and fake. I actually asked myself if I was "pretty enough" to move to Miami five years ago. Afterall not only couldn't I fit into a bikini, my legs are too bit to fit into rollerblades. Crazy, am I? You know you think the same self-defeating thoughts. But really have you ever looked at others, it's not the body, it's the suit. Either you have a cute well fitting suit or you don't. I've been on cruises, to busy waterparks and to the beach. I've seen many bodies, young and old, fat and skinny, male and female, in bathing suits. Skinny doesn't equal cute, confidence equals find you a nice bathing suit and strut your stuff.

I love the water, my mom would take me to water baby classes at the YMCA and that is where I'm headed in about 15 minutes, to the YMCA. I'm going to test drive their advanced aqua aerobics class. Yeah, I'm skipping ahead to advanced. I LOVE me some water exercises and they love me back unlike other exercises. I joined a gym back in July, and yes I actually WENT and worked out. I would do about 30 mins of cardio, and 30-45 mins of weight training. It felt great to accomplish so much. Then my lymphedema got worse, it doesn't like the strain, despite the fact I work compression garments. So I returned to my search for a decent aqua program. This one is about 20 mins away but hopefully worth the drive. Expect a full report. And look forward to my test drive of their belly dancing class on Saturday.

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