Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Fat Woman's Reply to The ModernMan's 15 Reasons Why Men Don't Find Fat Women Attractive

ModernMan? More like ModernAsshole.

First, I have to ask all the REAL men out there: Are you going to let this guy speak for you on this topic?

Second, to my female readers I ask that IF you click and watch the video, in exchange for giving this asshole more views, please send his site an e-mail with your thoughts on the matter. Especially, since he sells dating advice to men. Seriously?????

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15 Reasons Why Men Don't Find Fat Women Attractive

Here is the quick list of reasons for those who couldn't stand to watch the entire video.

1. A fat woman isn’t the entire package that we’re looking for in a woman.
2. A fat woman looks like ‘used goods’.
3. A fat woman makes unattractive sounds during sex.
4. A fat woman lowers a man’s status.
5. A fat woman attracts less-favorable treatment in society.
6. A fat woman’s true physical appearance is hidden.
7. A fat woman is unhealthy.
8. A fat woman will likely pass on her bad habits to the children.
9. A fat woman is missing the most attractive element.
10. A fat woman is ‘heavy-lifting’ in the bedroom.
11. A fat woman requires more food.
12. A fat woman doesn’t have a natural, female form.
13. A fat woman is usually lazy.
14. A fat woman usually has psychological issues.
15. A fat woman looks older than she is.

While I could take each point and provide a rebuttal, his ignorance really isn't worth my time. I just want to assure fat women out there and the men who find fat women attractive, that's it's o.k. to be who you are and to like what you like.

I see it like this, most everyone has a favorite flavor of ice cream. Many people like chocolate ice cream, some strawberry, and even others like vanilla. While still others, like me, I like orange sherbet. And yet, there are still people who do not like ice cream at all. Some people are lactose intolerant.

It's the same for people. Some men like blondes, some like brunettes, others redheads. Tall or short, funny or shy, fat or skinny; men's taste in women is as diverse as the various types of women out there.

And then there are men who don't like any type of woman, because they are gay. But I guess since Mr. ModernMan is trying to make a buck selling dating advice he's not concerned with gay men.

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