Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Frog legs and butt cracks.

Note to self: Jump test.

The pretty blue Land's End bathing suit fits, I swear it does. But my "baby got back" needs extra coverage when jumping is involved. I walked around in it just fine, but bring on the jumping in water and it's weggie time. So next time I'll be sure to wear a different bathing suit...I have more than one...I umm have more than five.

Next time.

Why yes, next time. This was the class I've been looking for, great workout, fun instructor, and did I mention great workout. Despite what the dumbass at Bally's on 163rd Street in Miami said (which was that I could get a better workout than water aerobics, saying this in reply to my question does your club have water aerobics...the answer was no, but hey let's diss her choice while we're at it) water exercises are an excellent workout option for all. And according to the YMCA 45 minutes of walking in water is equivalent to 3 hours on land. It also puts less pressure on your joints. And hands down I can do more "things", positions, stretches, crunches, in the water than I can do on land.

And as a bonus for me, unlike land excersises than can strain my lymphatic system, water exercises are beneficial for lymphedema patients. The depth of the water creates compression, and the motion of the water against my legs works like gentle massage.

No wonder I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now at the end of class.

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