Monday, January 25, 2010

That was BIG of me.

I went to my college homecoming this weekend. The same college where I worked several years as a student employee and a few months as a temporary employee.

Then I was fired because of my weight.

So guess who I see as I walk into the Alumni reception?

The man who had me fired. This was a huge surprise because he has long since retired from the university and moved to a new state.

As soon as I saw him I knew what I had to do.

No, this isn't the part where I go tell him off, there is no drama here.

I walked up to him, shook his hand and said "I want to thank you for what happened years ago"
He replied, "whether good or bad."

I said "what I thought was bad 10 years ago turned out to be very good for me. It gave me the momentum to improve my life."

Yes, I thanked him. I have actually had thoughts of sending him a thank you letter for years, but never took the time to locate his new address. Despite what the circumstances of what happened at the time, had I not been fired, had I not had my eyes opened to the reality of the toll my weight was having on my entire life, to the fact I had let my entire life revolved around the university, that I was more worried about making others happy than taking care of myself. Had what happened 10 years ago not had happened, who knows where I'd be today. Although funny enough, I'm currently unemployed having been laid off from a job. But now I have the confidence to know I will once again pull myself up and overcome this challenge, because I have overcome far worse in my past.

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