Monday, January 11, 2010

Surgeon General: Being Fit is Not About a Dress Size

We have a new Surgeon General of the United States and her credibility is being questioned because of her weight??? What is wrong with people? Perhaps we need to write our BP, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels on our forheads to prove we are healthy. As she states, she struggles with her weight just as 67% of Americans do, being fit is not about a dress size.

I know a wealth of information about proper diet and nutrition, but I'm fat so I guess no one should listen to me...whatever. I can remember workplace lunches where the topic of fitness and nutrition began and the smokers and regular drinkers would try to chime in on anything I contributed. So just because their BMI is normal, they are healthier than I am??? What about the fact I too workout and don't smoke or drink weekly. In 30 years, I'm more likely NOT to have lung cancer and/or psorosis of the liver.

I like the idea of having a real life person who struggles with her weight lead an initiave against obesity. As she said: she knows the struggles. I'm tired of being told what to eat and what not to eat by stick thin nutritionists who have never been overweight, let alone obese, or morbidly obese. Granted, many of these nutritionists were very nice, there was just something that didn't click. Like getting semi-truck driving lessons from someone who's only driven a compact car.

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