Thursday, April 8, 2010

It's not a love seat.

I accompanied a friend to his CT scan this afternoon. I’ve been to this hospital many times, they have recently remodeled the radiology waiting rooms and it was a nice surprise to notice they had a few oversized chairs to accommodate larger patients.

It was annoying and even comical to see two normal sized people approach it as if it was a two seater. One very slim couple successfully sat together. Another set of normal sized adult sisters tried their best to sit together, if I didn’t have manners I would have taken a picture of them squeezed (one half on, half off) in the chair. Eventually, one moved to the next chair. Perhaps the chair should have a fatty label on it.

“Your ass must be at least this wide --------- in order to sit here”

Thankfully, my ass fit comfortably in the regular chair. But it’s nice to know hospitals are thinking.

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